Personal training  

We deliver specialised one to one programming specific to individual needs so whatever your goal we have the knowledge and tools to help you succeed.

The safe and effective personal approach we offer is what keeps our clients motivated and confident in achieving their health and wellbeing goals.

With our many methods of fitness services we are sure to meet your expectations.

We feel that a long term goal is essential and to break this down into realistic short term goals is the best way to keep our clients focused and motivated, along with measuring health and fitness improvements every 4-8 weeks.

We not only deal with your physical fitness, we also follow this up with mental, emotional and nutritional fitness methods to develop your total fitness.We currently work with clients looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase muscular endurance, increase core strength, improve medical conditions, rehab injuries and to improve specific sports conditioning.

Starting out We provide structured step by step methods for those new to exercise or with limited exercise experience; if you have low self esteem and are not confident stepping into a gym then we can help you start your journey.

Weight loss We encourage specific food plans to back up your weight loss programme, everyone is different so we work with individuals and discuss the best way forward to achieving their personal goal.

Core strength Back problems can be regular occurrences and you may feel this pain will never go away. We work closely with our sports therapist and devise a back care program that will not only improve back problems but  may also completely resolve them.

Muscle mass increase We combine traditional weight exercises along with ballistic exercise drills to increase your muscle mass and strip body fat, this followed with a nutrient rich food plan is what gets results.

Rehab Our approach to any exercise programme is ‘if it's broken then fix it’. We feel that if there are any injuries or niggles getting in the way of progression then dealing with them first will surely result in long term benefits. Our fitness experts and sports therapist will make sure your recovery is safe and effective.

Sports conditioning If you want to get that extra edge over your opponent or improve your PB in any chosen sport then our sports specific method is what will help you achieve that. Functional exercises including specific movement patterns relative to your sport will lead you towards that desired goal.